Support for EASA PPL Exams app

EASA PPL Exams App

Welcome to the support page for EASA PPL iPhone and iPad and Android application.

If you have problems with the Android app or the iOS app on iPhone or iPad since the update to version 4.1, please delete the app from your device and reinstall it from Google Play shop or the Apple app shop, as appropriate (no additional cost). The updated version will now work.

The question databank is complete, however, new questions continue to be added or questions are improved so please refresh the app using the button at the top left for iOS, or using refresh on the Android device.

The android app was updated to version 4.1 on 27 May 2014 to include images in the Android version of the app and to harmonise the question databank between Android and iOS.

The database of questions continues to be refined and in order to receive the latest database, please refresh the app data.

Any further problems, please contact me at